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PWP offers a wide range of activities and events for you and your family. There are 3 categories:

We cater to a variety of ages, ranging from babies to teens, as well as adults wanting to socialize in a no-pressure environment. To learn more, click here.


Welcome to our website!

We are the largest, non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the welfare of todays single parents and their children. We understand what you are going through. PWP has been a turning point for many single parents in re-establishing a meaningful life for themselves and their children. Our members can share their experiences with you, help you adjust and rediscover the confidence you may have lost. PWP is about new friends
and new beginnings.

Helping SINGLE PARRENTS Since 1975

Are you a single parent as a result of the end of a relationship, death of a partner, or by choice?

Whether your children are dependent or adults, or you are a custodial or non-custodial parent, you are eligible. Call: 416.489.2221 for more info

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